Aide Fitch practical assistance with green building strategies


theRightenvironment Joep Meijer is an expert is life cycle assessment and has extensive experience with building materials and green building standards.

Office for Local Architecture (OLA Austin) Megan Slattery is a highly technical architect with years of experience in commercial and multifamily design. She has a special place in her heart for locally-rooted sustainability, most notably acting as the founder and head of the Austin chapter of Architects Without Borders, whose mission is to provide professional architectural assistance to projects in underpriviledged areas, and to engage their communities. OLA Austin shares this spirit, insisting that sustainability is local.

ap.MonArch Alicia Ponce, LEED AP is an experienced and passionate designer, and a talented communicator with experience on the stage in theater. “Because the preservation of the natural environment is so important to us, our mission is to create and share holistic design solutions with building professionals, end users, and the community through thoughtful design and sustainable building methods.”

Biositu Adele Houghton, AIA, LEED AP is recognized as a leader in a health-based approach to sustainability. Her firm, Biositu, leverages environmental sustainability to enhance community health. They provide evidence-based consulting services that build value by coordinating green building, climate change, and public health practice.